Singapore is one of country that we could say small, but more efficient as the quality of life is assumed as one of the best place to live in. This year, Chiang Mai Tour Center had a chance to visit Singapore and we felt we like to share the information with you all.


A small country located in the south east Asian closes by Malaysia and Indonesia. It is one of the hub in Asia as the main income is from shipping. Singapore has a very good system in term of good development of the building design as there aren’t many space as well as Public transportation which is very convenient and not too complicated.


After landed in Changi Airport, you could also see the sign which could lead you to the exit or connect to the city without the troubles. People in Singapore mainly use the MRT which connect all main towns together.  With many stations as well as the inter change stations, you could reach your destinations easily.  As the tourist, you need to have the MRT card and the route maps of the MRT  then you are now ready to explore .

The MRT card, not only sue for MRT, but also the city buses.  You could purchase the cards at the 7-11 or in the counter at the airport which would cost  SGD. During the day travelling, you could top up the card at the Top up machines in every stations  or if you fell not confident, you could straight to the 7-11 again.  We could say that it is more easy and convenient to go around with the MRT in term of they are all connect to the main attractions which you could travel around without the guide. This is one of the interesting city you shouldn’t miss.

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