Thai cooking : Thai Dishes!

Thai dishes

Thai cooking : Thai food by your own!!

When people talking about Thailand, they would talk about the temples, culture, natures and beaches.  Of course that they are all famous and well known among the tourists. However we could deny that Thai dishes is one of the famous dishes and well known all around the world!

Many years, that Thai Food has a good reputation as the best and healthy food in the world. In most of the countries, there are small Thai Restaurants spread out. Of course, the price would be expensive depends on where the restaurant located. As a great opportunity, visiting to Thailand especially in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, there are many cookery school where you could choose and learn to cook as the Thais do.

Many typical dished which becomes famous among the people around the world are Tomyum Koong  ( Spicy soup with prown) , Pad Thai ( Stir fried noodle) , Somtum ( Papaya Salad) , Kheang Khieaw Wan ( Grren Curry) , Kheang Ped ( Red Curry) , Tom Kha Kai (Chicken with coconut soup) and many more. In term of tasty and more healthy food from all herbs. Many cookery school could offer different sessions during the day. They offer Half Day Morning and Evening class or Full Day cooking class which you could choose to fit your schedule. Some of the cookery school has offered cooking in farm which you could see how the vegetation grows on their beds and pick the fresh one for you food. This is a great experience for you to try and hand on as it would be useful at home to cook and apply the ingredients you have to cook you own meal Thai food. Taste of the oriental ..Taste of Thai style.

Your smiles are our pride.

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