Charming Winter Northern province, Thailand.

Nature of human being is exploring  and enjoying  with the new environment instead of stuck in one place for long time.  Seeing the same environment regularly could make people feel depressed and bored. Many people try avoiding this situation by going out and having a short break. They could go shopping or do some sport. However there is not enough. This is the reason why people start to travel to the other places. It is not only seeing the new things and new environment, but also it could increase your adrenaline to gain you more power even travelling in a short time. 

The travel factor might be many and varies which depends on the passion of each person.  People all around the world or even in the same country like to travel to other places to see the new environment that they don’t have in their hometown. For example, People from the mountain area prefer to see the sea and the ocean. People from the south want to see the mountain. People from the warm and hot countries prefer to visit to the cold countries or from the cold countries want to feel the warm and the heat. Only these, you could see that the people’s passions are different already.

These happen in Thailand the same as all over the world.  In the summer time, people prefer to visit to the southern part of Thailand to swim in the sea, snorkeling or diving to see fish and sea animals. In the winter, people prefer heading north of Thailand for the nice and cooling or even cold weather in the winter. Going up the hills, mountains or visiting to places where there are cool and cold. Blooming flowers is so colorful and stunning which you couldn’t stand taking photos for your memory till you would repeat visit again and again. No matter travel by your own, taking tours or package tours, they could fulfill your need and gain your energy to get back to your own environment. Get back to work in the office in the square rooms with noises and hectic schedule again. Take a chance to travel whenever you still could go, better than it is too late. Enjoy with life and things you have. Appreciate every moment of life because it is beautiful.

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