Bangkok Transportation

Bangkok local transportation

Bangkok is the capital of The Kingdom of Thailand. The capital of Thailand which has the longest name in the world, ” Kroongthep Mahanakhon  Amorn Ratatnakosin  Mahintara  Ayutthaya Mahadilok Pop Nopparat Rachathani Burirom Udomrachnivet Mahasathan Amornpiman Avatarsathit Sakkayatithat Visanukamparsit” which maens ” The City of Angles” or Kroongthep. ( We hope you could pronounce it ^-^).
Most of travelers and visitors arrive in Bangkok as the 1st destination in Thailand and usually spend 2-3 days in Bangkok to see the most graceful Grand Palace , Temples as well as life style in Bangkok. Travel from one place to the other is not difficult. There are many kind of local transports in Bangkok for visitors to choose and try. Instead of taxis , public buses , Tuk-tuk or the river boat ride , Sky trains and Subway is one of the kind that very fast and convenient for visitors to go around in Bangkok.
Landed on Suwannaphumi International Airport, visitors could go down to the basement or the ground floor of the airport to catch ” SRTET” train (City Line) to get to the city which is easily and it is also cheaper compare with other kind of transport if you travel by your own. From “SRTET”City line, you could also connect to some other places with BTS ( Skytrain) or MRTA(Subway) by changing at the interchange stations depending on the places you are going to visit.
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Buying ticket is also super easy. You could buy from the ticket counter with the officer or buy them from the tickets machine as well. Tickets could be in cards or in the plastic tokens. However you have to be careful if you lost the tickets or the tokens , you might have to pay more when you get off at the next station.



If you love travelling in Bangkok and would prefer to avoid the traffic on the streets, this is the best way for you to go around to places with nice view above the ground and fastest way.

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