Waroroj Market, the biggest day market in Chiang Mai

                                            Waroraj Market, the biggest day market in Chiang Mai.


Every  locals in Chiang Mai  know this market. Located near the Ping River, the main river of Chiang Mai.  The market used to be the crematory  area for the Norther Royal Family of Chiang Mai during the reign of Choa  Inthawaroroj ( 1901AD – 1909AD). After that  Choa Dara Rassmi, the princess of Chiang Mai had move the tombs to Wat Suan Dork ( One of the royal temple in Chiang Mai instead) and had changes the area to the market as the Royal Market. This is the reason that locals still called ” Kard Luang ” till present. The name of the market was named after Chiang Mai King ( Inthawaroroj Suriyawong of Chiang Mai ) in 1913AD. It means the “Royal market” as well as ” Big market” as well. (” Luang ” in the northern dialect means big.)
February 13th ,1968,  there was a big fire in the market area. The market was reconstructed  and opened again on 19th March, 1972 as we could see in the present.

This is one of the place where you could enjoy the local life style as the locals do. Walk around the market is something interesting and pleasant. Many things for you to see and to try. Tasty local food , Thai dessert and fresh fruits. Clothes , costumes , daily life stuffs and more. Here you could even find the gold shop with the good quality of gold.  Waororoj Market or Kard Luang had 2 parts  alongside with the streets. Closes by the riverside, you could find the beautiful flower market which opened 24hrs non-stop. You could see the Jasmin flower garland and other design of flowers decorate and more. Behind Waroroj market on the small street called ” Lok Joe” is also Chiang Mai China town. Every corners of this local market is worth visit and try once when you are in Chiang Mai.

Market Time :-
The market  ( inside the market building area) opened from 04.00am-07.00pm.
Round outside the market area opens from 7.00am-Midnight.

How to get there :-

The market could access :-
By walk from Chiang Mai old city 10-15minutes by follow Chang Moi Rd. and keep straight.
By Red Taxi or Tuk-Tuk , cost around 40-80 THB depending on where you are.

Give yourself a chance to visit this biggest market in Chiang Mai and give it a try for tasty food!




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