Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai

                                                   Wat Chedi Luang , Chiang Mai

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Wat Chedi Luang or Chedi Luang Temple is one of the Royal Temple in Chiang Mai. Located on  Prapokkloa Rd., Muang ,Chiang Mai.
The temple was build in the 14century  by King  San Muang Ma as the place to contain the ashes of his father . However it took  many years to build and finished in the reign of King  Tilokkaraj in mid 15century.  The temple first built was 82 meters high and 54 meters on the base area. The chedi was the largest pagoda in Lanna. The pagoda itself was the place where the Emerald Buddha used to house here since 1468in the east niche. Unfortunately in 1545 , there was the big earthquake in Chiang Mai and the upper part 30meters collapsed which you could see part of the
top part as present.
The pagoda or the chedi was  reconstructed  in early of 1990s and the copy of the Emerald Buddha   made from Black Jade was replaced for the locals and the visitors to worship as present.
Wat Chedi Luang is also the place where Chiang Mai city Pillar is in the building on the right side after passing the front gate. The locals in Chiang Mai also have a big cerebration for the city pillar  in every May and it takes a week for the cerebration which people could join in the ceremony as well.
Chedi Luang Temple or Wat Chedi Luang is one of the place you shouldn’t miss if you are here.




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