720 years of Chiang Mai , the capital of Lanna Kingdom

720 years of Chiang Mai , the capital of Lanna Kingdom.

Chiang Mai or “Viang Jiang Mai ” as the locals people named is now 720 years old on 12th April,16 full with history and memory. After King Mengrai and 2 of his friends ( King Ramkamhaeng and King Ngammuang ) had chosen the area in the valley of Ping River to settle the new capital of Lanna ( The million of rice fields) in 1296AD.  The people from many places and from different ethnique groups had come and become Chiang Mai locals people since then.
Chiang Mai is part of Siam or Thailand around 1775Ad. However the locals still honor to the Northern king royal familyas in the old days.  This year in 2016, Chiang Mai had a big and important ceremony to cerebrate  720years of Chiang Mai . Locals people have joined in by dressing in the local costumes with sarong and cotton to keep our own tradition and pass them to the new generation as well. There is also the big cerebrate at the Three King Monument in the middle of the old town with the graceful fingernail dance which invented by Choa Dara Rassmee of King Rame 5th of Thailand. The kind of grace full dance, you could see only in Chiang Mai. Many of dancers come from different area and town, however meet here to show respect to King Mengrai , Chiang Mai founder with happiness and proud.

Chiang Mai still number one on the list which many people and visitors prefer to visit once in their life time. Chiang Mai people are lovely and always smile. The city might be big for the north ,but still smaller than Bangkok. People still keep their own tradition as in the old day. We do hope visitors who visit in Chiang Mai to see the beautiful of building and architecture, lovely tradition and peaceful life style and wish them to visit  us with respect in places and in mind. As the proverb said ” When in Rome , do what the Rome do” . Here should be the same , ” When in Chiang Mai , do as Chiang Mai do”

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