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Sangkatan 3

The Sang Ka Tan

The Sang Ka Tan The Sang -Ka-Tan is the local Thai word  to call the yellow bucket which contain many daily  life stuffs to offer to the monks.  This is one way for the...

Bangkok Transportation

Bangkok Transportation

Bangkok local transportation Bangkok is the capital of The Kingdom of Thailand. The capital of Thailand which has the longest name in the world, ” Kroongthep Mahanakhon  Amorn Ratatnakosin  Mahintara  Ayutthaya Mahadilok Pop Nopparat...


“The Toong” , Thai Lanna long flag

“The Toong” , Thai Lanna long flag “Toong”, the local word for calling the long flag made from different kind of  material. They could made from color paper , colorful cloth or from cotton...