The Guinea Pigs, lovely pets.

Pets are cute creatures which people love as they are part of the family. They are varieties of animals that we could choose one that suitable to us. Most common pets are dogs and cats. However sometimes it is difficult for people who live in the apartment or in the area where the neighborhoods might not allowed having  pets with loud noise.  The Guinea pigs would be one of the choices for you. As they are small and doesn’t need more spaces. They are also very cute , friendly and east to look after. The Guinea pigs originated from South America.  In the pass, they are prey and used to be hunted for food. Now a day, their breeds have already develop and becomes the Domestics pets.  With the size as the rabbits, they would need only the small space and also clean to have them in the house.

There are many breeds of the Guinea pigs which we could make it east by divided into 3 groups : Short hair, Long hair and Skinny ( Hairless). These you could find them from the pet shops or the breeding farm and choose one you love to be your friends. The most popular ones would be “ The American Short Hair” as they are easy to look after in term of cleaning. However if you love to have their hair combed and cute decorated, suggested the long hair ones like : Silky Guinea pigs or Coronate Guinea pigs. Their food are veggies, greed grass and hay. Fruits could be treats if you prefer. They are super cute till you fell in love with these small creatures named “Guinea pigs!”

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