Pha Plong Temple , Chiang Dao

Pha plong Temple, Chiang Dao

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The small unseen temple in the north side of Chiang Mai province. Located in the forest about 70 kms from Chiang Mai city to Chiang Dao district.
The temple is not too big and there aren’t any big building however the cave is as the main hall where the monks and the pilgrims to pray and meditate. From the parking space, walking up the Naga stairs case( 510 steps) through the green forest til you reach the temple site. Is side the cave is cool and quiet. It is good for someone who seeking for the peaceful.
The temple started from 56 years ago ( in 1960) by  the monk named ” Luang Poo Sim Ajaro” as the shelter and the meditation area. The locals in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai as well as the locals near by came to worship and meditation. The temple now is one of the famous meditation center for those who seeking for the peaceful and calmness. This is one of the place which you could find in Chiang Mai province.



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