New Normal Loy Krathong Festival 2020

Festival is the time of joy and happiness for all no matter where you are. This phrase would be true for all people around the world. In the hard time we are all facing now with the Corona Virus or known as the Covid19 which have already taken many lives on earth.  Now the situation of the Covid19 is still go on and effect to us all.

The feeling of joy and happiness could be the good medicine to kill the sadness in this hard time. However we will not underestimate by having mask on when going outside.

From 31st Otober,20 – 2nd November,20 , there is a lovely festival in Thailand called “ Loy Krathong”. This festival invented by  “ Nang Noppamart” during the reign of King Ler Thai of Sukhothai dynasty. She created the babana leaves into the lotus shape flowers decorated with the candle light and floated in the pond by night. This made the very pleasant site for the king so that the king prefer to keep continue this ceremony and it became a famous tradition all over Thailand.

The festival takes place on the full moon night in the end of October or November every year. This year might be special as it is held under the Covid19 situation which we have to adjust the festival for safety , control and  avoid spreading of the disease. In Chiang Mai, the festival take place in the old town with the colorful lanterns decoration as well as the candle light all around the city moat and the old walls. We used to have the parade, but not this year. You could walk around the old town and enjoy the festival as well as the floats decorated. Near the main river, Ping, you could walk and enjoy the festival and buying the handmade krathong that sell along the footpath and the river bank. Sound of the firework and the Chinese crackers which making the festival more lively. Local people have the local costume on is very nice and colorful which is good to see and good for us in term of keeping our traditional from dying out. Daytime you could travel outside the city to many places such as national parks, temples and flower gardens then return back to town to join the festival in the evening. Chiang Mai still have many places as well as the beautiful festival and culture for you to learn and enjoy.